From Robert Doran: 

Tom Butterworth is ready to serve on our Town Council and we needn’t surmise how he will tackle complicated issues and differing priorities. He has already steeped himself in the issues we face – listening to constituents and using research to form an educated opinion. Tom brings a thirst for knowledge upon which to prepare his case for a solution to every engagement and he will push others to roll up their sleeves and explore all possibilities.

Tom understands the great importance of preservation and that progress and preservation are not mutually exclusive. He knows that in order to thrive, our community must progress in critical areas and still preserve the best of our historic community that makes New Canaan healthy and desirable. He will champion that thinking in town government.

Open, honest and thoughtful. Tom Butterworth is all of these. And, to be fair, some other candidates also possess these qualities. But if we stop and ask ourselves “who then stands out among the field?” – I think it will be knowledgeable people with purpose who can listen with an open mind and move beyond the embattled trenches on the issues to ask the right questions. Tom Butterworth is uniquely that person. Always respectful of the opinions of others, Tom listens keenly and with an open mind, uses knowledge to shape his thinking, and solves collaboratively to achieve the best outcome for all.

On November 7th, Tom Butterworth deserves your vote for a seat on the Town Council.

From Michael Mauro:

New Canaan will be well-served by electing Tom Butterworth to Town Council. I had the unique experience campaigning next to Tom during the July caucus for one of the four spots for Town Council. I must say that I was struck by Tom’s civility, grace and talent.  After the first debate, he greeted me with a beaming smile and a warm handshake and told me I had his vote in the caucus.  Having been my first time running for office in New Canaan I was totally unprepared for Tom’s warm reception. I was humbled by my competitor’s endorsement; we need more people like Tom in government.

As the summer campaign moved along it was a delight to see Tom on the trail and hear more about his background and vision for New Canaan governance.  Tom has a stellar legal background having worked at arguably the top law firm in the world – a background that will certainly complement Town Council’s mandate.  His ardor for this community is seen in his actions: he raised five children here, renovated the town’s oldest home that is a town treasure and has volunteered in various organizations servicing the community for years.

Tom is sharp, collegial and a doer. He is the caliber of person I believe New Canaan needs to help ensure town governance that is sound and serves the people with fidelity. Vote Tom Butterworth for Town Council and all the Row B candidates on November 7!

From Eric Thunem: 

Tom Butterworth is running for Town Council – and I support his candidacy.  Tom is a reasonable, energetic and spirited member of the New Canaan community, who is concerned about maintaining the integrity of our town’s political process in the context of fair-minded and rational debate.  He has seen what happens when a few citizens armed with less than fully-baked notions of public safety take on volunteer commissioners who have openly and thoroughly studied the pros and cons of a course of action – it’s not pretty, and Tom wants better for our town.  He will listen to the citizens of New Canaan, but he will always seek to support and work cooperatively with our Selectmen and the volunteer commissioners who love New Canaan.  Tom Butterworth is a man who brings out the best in others; he knows how to lead, and he knows how to motivate.  He brought that spirit to the Gridiron show earlier this year, in his debut as Director – in addition to lending his singing and acting talent to the show as a returning member of the cast.  Tom has served in numerous volunteer capacities during his 26 years in New Canaan, and always with humility and intelligence.  I think he is what we need on our Town Council.

From Laszlo Papp:

While fine current members of the Town Council deserve to be reelected, a new candidate, Tom Butterworth, should join their ranks. Tom is highly qualified and dedicated member of the community. He has participated in several town activities,such as the Gridiron show and other volunteer programs. He is a leader and now it is time to use his impressive background and talent in official capacity for the benefit of New Canaan.

Tom very much concerns with the town’s fiscal health and its measured growth. His ideas about transparent leadership, effective and safe cell phone coverage, prudent taxation, also good governance indicate that he will be a most valuable member of the Town Council. Listening to his comments at our Friday morning coffee meetings convinces me that Tom’s joining the town’s leadership will be beneficial to all of us.